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It feels pretty self-serving to devote a whole page here to talking about myself, but I realize that this whole endeavor is pretty self-serving, so, here ya go. I’m Katey, and I live in Austin. I grew up about an hour down the road in Smithville, a smallish place which I was happy to escape. I moved here in 2010 for college and never left, because I hate moving and Austin is kind of cool, I guess.

I’ve always been a writer, but 99 percent of what I’ve written has never been seen by human eyes, because shy. So here I present you with the one percent of my brain I don’t mind you seeing, which is mainly dumb ramblings or rants about social issues and my feelings, so if you’re into that sort of thing, thanks for coming!

If somehow you still like me after sifting through this stuff, you can find me elsewhere:

instagram: @katepsen
twitter: @psencikk
snapchat: @kateypsencik