Image via Rupi Kaur

I’ve had a really, really difficult week. My demons have been raging inside of me, and I’ve been struggling to find peace. I’ve been restless and flaky and full of guilt and regret.

It’s so easy to let anxiety and depression overwhelm you and strip you of everything good you once thought about yourself. It’s so easy to become dissatisfied with your life and your body and your mind. It’s so easy to feel broken and let yourself continue to break, over and over again. To feel as though nothing you’re doing is right. It’s so easy to run away —physically or mentally or emotionally.

It’s when I feel this way, the crushing weight of the world on my chest, that I turn to those around me for solace. And this week, thanks to the pure goodness of the people in my life, I am reminded that sometime it’s enough to simply get out of bed in the morning. Sometimes it’s enough to make it through the day and climb back in bed. Sometimes it’s enough to just simply survive. That what I’m doing is enough. That I’m enough.

And while it’s still hard to find reality amidst the murk of my thoughts, this reminder makes that knot in my stomach unwind a bit, and my racing heart beats a little slower, and I can find space in between my breaths. And that’s enough, for today.

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